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Additional Services

At times, clients need services outside of the scope of the day to day marketing strategy. We are ready to help make sure that all your marketing stays on track.

Event Planning

Events can really add personality to a campaign. We can customize the event to your brand strategy AND your budget. Let's get the party started.


Promotional Items

You shouldn't have to go to six different vendors to find what you need. We will present you with items that meet your budget needs, stay on brand and are memorable and fun. We work only with high quality vendors that demand the same excellence you will come to expect from SMART.



Sometimes you need a polo; sometimes you need a hoodie. We can make that happen in a cost effective way and will coordinate the items to be on brand, in budget and on time.


Coaching & Consulting

Sometimes you just need to be pointed in the right direction, or you need someone to come along side you with advice and analysis. This and much more can be provided through consulting and coaching on an hourly basis or a monthly retainer.

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